Personalised Engraved Wooden Bookmark



Personalised Engraved Wooden Bookmark, Gift for a Book Lover, Mum Dad Gift, Birthday Gift for Friend, Custom Bookmark, Retirement Gift

Materials: Plywood, Wood

Crafted from exquisite birch plywood, these personalized bookmarks boast intricate cut-out designs. You can add a name on the front or include a concise message (up to four words) to make them truly unique.

Each piece is meticulously laser engraved from 3 mm plywood and can be finished with your choice of wood dye in various colors. They make a delightful gift and cherished keepsake for any book enthusiast.

Approximate dimensions: 16cm x 3.2cm x 0.3cm

Personalization allows you to add your name or any other word that holds significance for you.

Please note that the inherent beauty of wood lies in its unique grain pattern. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike, and this individuality sets them apart.

Our laser engraving process involves vaporizing the material’s surface, which may result in minor scorch marks on the final product. These marks can vary but are accurately depicted in our product photos for transparency.

Ordering Instructions:
To personalize your bookmarks, provide the desired name or engraving suggestions in the designated field during the order placement. We kindly request that additional information not be sent via private messages, as our high order volume makes it challenging to review each message individually.

Important Notes:
If you order a set of bookmarks without specifying your preferred design, we will create a unique mix of patterns for you. Once the production process begins, changes cannot be accommodated.

We take great care in engraving words or names onto the bookmarks. Please double-check all spellings, grammar, and dates to avoid any errors. We assume responsibility for errors only if they are due to our oversight.

Keep in mind that this product is crafted from natural materials and is handmade, resulting in variations in wood, such as knots, lines, and fillings. No two items will be identical. Stain colors may also vary, even within the same shade, as wood absorbs color differently. The engraved inscription’s darkness may fluctuate due to factors like wood properties and environmental conditions. For instance, a dark stain color, such as Dark Teak, might give the engraved inscription a carved appearance due to its opacity.

Important Shipping Notice:
Please be aware that Royal Mail has announced frequent strikes in mid-October, November, and December. While we are committed to sending out your shipments promptly with full tracking, we cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by CanadaPost. We urge you to consider this when placing orders during these months.


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